“Let yourself be as graceful as you are”.

“Let yourself be as graceful as you are”.

Eque M. founded her first brand in 2005, Frency & Mercury, known for its immutable motto: "Let yourself be as graceful as you are".

His success and aspirations were influenced by a long trip to Orange County, California at the age of twenty, whose great patterns, colors and designs encouraged him to return to Japan to create his own brand.

Recently Eque launched a new collection and a new brand, calling it with its own name.

Today, the bold, yet delicate creations of Eque. M, are praised by global fashion leaders in over 30 countries.

In an era of confused and easily changing identities, Eque defines its brand as a "unique existence" that offers a unique vision of style and luxury.

Every Eque.M piece is the accumulation of the finest Japanese craftsmanship, which can only be found in Fukui, Japan, where craftsmen are proud of every meticulous creation, in pursuit of beauty and functionality.

Here, the passion for excellence and craftsmanship is an eternal promise.