The perfect combination of comfort and high fashion.

The perfect combination of comfort and high fashion.

The brand emerged from Anne’s attitude to be aspiring but never lose the bright side of life.

Anne, the designer, realized that the COMBINATION of both make you happy and satisfied. 

Be versatile in EVERY part of life, don’t forget about hobbies, friends, sports, music, daily duties or success. ANY DI is the combination of HIGH-END Fashion and EVERYDAY-COMFORT, the result of a longstanding vision to have the perfect mix of everything that is important.

Thanks to her fashion studies, in 2015 Anne could finally realized her dream: her first own collection.

Her brand is inspired by the idea of creating elegant bags of high-quality for every woman in any life situation.

Anne's unbelievable instinct for innovation and modern luxury also does not stop at accessories: The ANY DI SunCover is due to its unique form and the luxurious design combined with a new function - the brand's signature-piece.

The soft sunglass cover protects glasses of all shapes and sizes and done not need much space in the handbag.